The Great-West Funds Featured Solutions

At Great-West Financial, our heritage of offering funds to retirement investors for over 30 years has helped us create a process and philosophy to fund construction and management that gives us us the expertise and knowledge to provide innovative funds with features not widely available to today's retirement investor.

While differing in approach and targeted investor, the asset allocation process is consistent across our series of funds, whether you choose target date funds or risk based funds, the fund of fund construction, usage of sub-advised funds, and active and passive management remain consistent while focusing on the strategy of each individual series.

Our Featured Funds

The Great-West Lifetime Funds

An innovative asset allocation solution that seeks to help investors improve retirement readiness.

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Great-West SecureFoundation® Funds

A solution that addresses the growing need for guaranteed retirement income.

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The Great-West Profile Funds

A convenient ready-made solution designed for investors who seek to invest based on their level of risk tolerance as they prepare for retirement.

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In the area of asset allocation Great-West Funds has partnered with Morningstar Investment Management LLC1, an expert in asset allocation, for glidepath construction services. This relationship exemplifies our approach to partnering with industry leaders when developing innovative asset allocation solutions for our investors.