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Asset Allocation Philosophy

In the area of asset allocation1 Great-West Funds has partnered with Morningstar Investment Management LLC, an expert in asset allocation, for glide path construction services. This relationship exemplifies our approach to partnerships when developing innovative asset allocation solutions for our investors. Our partnerships include:

  • GWCM – In addition to the funds it manages directly, including the Great-West Lifetime, Great-West Profile and Great-West SecureFoundation®, GWCM provides day-to-day oversight and management of the sub-advisers for Great-West Funds as well as the unaffiliated underlying funds within the asset allocation funds. In addition to Great-West Funds, GWCM serves as investment adviser to certain collective trust funds, stable value funds and insurance company separate accounts.
  • Morningstar Investment Management LLC2 – Morningstar Investment Management LLC is a federally registered investment adviser and leading authority on asset allocation. It acts as consultant to Great-West Funds and GWCM in support of asset allocation and glide path construction for the target date funds..